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This is really cool! White teacher sues for racism

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This is old but pretty cool.


Ilegal Alien Hits Four Teenage Girls Without Mercy!

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I felt as if I should post this story here about an illegal alien who hit four innocent teenage girls without mercy. Thank God he was captured. This is the perfect reason why we need better control on border security!

The problem with history…and what we can do fix it.

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I come from a family of historians and creative intellectuals. I am an artist who spends my free time working hard for animal rights, I am a vegetarian and I am the last person the average someone would expect would have descended from a member of the Elite SS in Nazi Germany.

But then again, what does the average someone know about history? What they are taught in school history books and what they see in the movies.

The problem is…that everything I have taught in school was totally contradicted by what my grandfather told me about the war and what went on. He is the kindest man on earth, all his life he was a devoted family man, father and devout catholic and according to him that’s who many of the men in the SS were, devoted family men who wanted a brighter future for their country.

And the media has me to believe that each one of the–each one of thousands were sadistic, cruel monsters that were just out to murder and torture. Rubbish.  I’m not saying they were all perfect men–some might have been cruel–just as some of the American, British or French soldiers might have been cruel as well.

I’m not saying that people did not die, many people died, it was world war II after all.  I’m also not saying the nazi government was perfect, according to my grandfather it was rife with corruption. I am also not saying that no one died in internment camps or prisons, yes, criminals, POW’s and political prisoners died and were executed in camps, I will also admit ( for my grandfather) that they were places with poor facilities and that were rife with disease, this was, after all the biggest war of the century and Germany was hurting for funds.

This illustrates a problem with how history is presented to us. We are given a one sided story that is crammed over and over into people’s heads, its like a sort of propaganda. People claim Nazi propaganda was auwful…have you seen what they show us on television today? I think its many times worse.

All I am saying is, before you believe what someone has told you about history, open your mind and take time to research what people are telling you, look at all sides and if you can get first hand accounts of people who actually lived at these times and through these events–then make an educated decision for yourself what the truth is.

The Internet Kill Switch: A threat to our rights?

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A few weeks ago, Joe Liberman and some other senators introduced a bill that would allow the president to shut off the internet at a time of war or other crisis…they dubbed it the “Protecting Cyberspace As A National Asset”, to me this is just a long name for a bill that would potentially compromise our freedom of speech and our right to express ourselves.

They claim it is to protect us from cyber terrorists and other cyber criminals, I say it is a direct threat to our rights and perhaps a taste of what could happen in America or the whole world.

What if this went further then just this bill. We as a country are so subordinate to media, many Americans and people all over the world view media without even censoring it for themselves or their families, many do not stop to think.

What if the US Government’s control over the internet became wider spread, they could effectively be telling us what we can or can not view, not only on the internet, but through movies, television, newspapers and magazines, although it sounds far fetched, it could happen.

For now, I don’t think the media is presenting me with any message I really need to hear, I am thankful for my freedom to censor things and think what I want and have the freedom to express what I want to say.

Shut off your TV and Turn On Your Minds.

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In America and Europe, we have for a large part shut off our minds and allowed the media control what we think, feel and do.The media tells us what to wear, how to dress, what to eat and what to think. Many Americans and Europeans no longer think for themselves and this is a very dangerous thing. A very good example of this is the brainwashed young women in America who think they need to all look like runway models, the media is the reason for the high numbers of anorexic young women in our country, some young women start dieting as young as seven. The media also takes an attack at good old fashioned family values and women and teaches women it is better to be promiscuous, dumb, ditzy and wild then smart, moral and strong.

At most, the media can be entertaining, enlightening and informative, but be careful what you watch and read. The media at its worst is nothing better then propaganda. It is the duty of every American, I think,  to censor the media that comes into their homes and reaches their families. Pay attention to what is being viewed and read in your home. I personally choose not to watch television and view only the movies, books, magazines and websites that I choose, not anyone else.

My grandfather on Heinrich Himmler and the SS.

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My grandfather who is turning 101 this year was once one of the elite SS men in Nazi Germany, he emigrated after the war and came to Los Angeles where he and my grandmother settled and had my father. My grandfather was born in Munich in 1909, He came from a good family who were kind and devout, there was never any hate or racism in their family, he attended school with both Christian and Jewish classmates and was friendly with both of them.His family was tolerant of all cultures and was never taught to hate anyone or anything.  They were also a family who was highly educated, and valued knowledge and good family values above all else.

As a young man, he like many other Germans at the time were very intrigued by Adolf Hitler, he describes that the whole depression-weary country was swept up in a sort of national hysteria over this man who who gave wild, dramatic speeches about the golden future of Germany.

Unlike most of the population that freely went along with Hitler, my grandfather did his research,  he talked to other intellectuals in Berlin where he was living at the time and the result of all this was his  joining and initiation into the SS.

He said they were very particular who they choose to become part of their ranks. My grandfather said that at no time was he brainwashed into thinking, believing or doing anything

I will go into more of the stories of his experiences in other blogs, but in this blog I will go into what my grandfather has said about Heinrich Himmler. During his time in the SS, he had a chance to hear Himmler give his famous speech at Posen, Poland and he had a chance to meet with him several times. My grandfather was a very well read man with a huge interest in history, he was intellectual and had a very strong and smart mind, he would probably be the last man in Germany to be brainwashed by anything that was untrue.

Several years ago, my grandfather spoke about the famous speech that was made at Posen. My father who is a historian had a WAV file of the speech which he played back to my grandfather.

My grandfather was utterly shocked.

First off, he said that Heinrich Himmler would never have allowed himself to knowingly been recorded, so he was shocked that any kind of recording existed. He said that everything that Himmler and the SS did was very top secret and information was very highly protected, even the contents of wire messages were scrutinized and examined at at all levels.

Second, and most shocking, was that he said the speech that Himmler gave that day bore no resemblance to anything that was in the recording. He also said that if there were murders going on, Himmler would have have talked so openly about it, he was not that sort of man. He also said he did not even  recognize Himmler’s voice on the recording at all.

When my grandfather met Himmler, he said that he was presented with man who was quiet, unassuming and kind. My grandfather said he was almost gentle. Himmler contacted my grandfather to discuss some history with him pertaining to ancient/medieval Germanic culture and myth, so he was able to sit down with him and really get to know this man that many call a mass murderer.

My grandfather said that during any war there are always many deaths, and World War II he said was no exception. He very openly stated there was a lot of corruption and distrust within the Nazi party. he explained everyone was grabbing for power and this often lead to murder or execution within the party.

He said that there were people who abused their power and those were not good people like in any government. He said also there were certainly camps, but they were prisoner of war camps or relocation camps like there was in any country. He explained that people died/were executed in these camps, but mostly due to disease and execution if they were criminals and had done something wrong. He said he never say any mass killings happen unless it was criminals being shot/inmates dying of disease.

He admitted the conditions in these camps were not up today’s standards of cleanliness, but he also said this was a time of war, and Germany very hard up for money. He said that he never in good conscience would ( or known any man that was in the SS with him) who would kill an innocent woman or child in cold blood just because they were Jewish. He told my father ” I would rather kill myself then kill an innocent man, woman or child”. He said that many of the men who worked with him were fathers and husbands and could never kill as it is portrayed in the media.

He said that in the SS, yes, they were taught to kill with out mercy, but this applied to the sort of killing that goes on in war, man against man. None of them were instructed to torture, to murder or to kill innocent people. He said ” Of course, there are always bad men amoung us as in any group on earth ,and perhaps some men in the SS did horrible things, but for everything I knew of myself and my comrades, not once did he shoot, torture, or harm any innocent person even if they were Jewish.”

About Me.

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My name is Dahlia, and I am blogging to you from Los Angeles, California.

Despite where I live, I hold on to an old world, sometimes traditional view of life. I am very proud of my heritage (I am German, Irish, Swedish and Spanish) and would like to protect and promote the beauty and uniqueness that derived from the Europe, our country is growing more and more multicultural, and I believe it is mine and other’s duty to preserve the wonderfully unique European cultures that belonged to our ancestors. My blog will be a mix of history, art, everyday living and culture all to make my readers aware of the beauty that makes up the European culture and heritage.

Hello world!

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